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Floating Docks and walkway Design
Vancouver, BC

Commercial and Private Floating Docks and Walkway Design

Client: Calta Construction

We work with Calta Construction regularly to design floating docks for oat launches, private properties and municipalities. We have designed aluminum and steel walkways for the docks with ability to tolerate daily tides. The flooring of the docks was based on client’s need, ranged from treated wood to aluminum plank. The docks were designed for extreme weather conditions like storm and heavy snow.

The anchoring system for the floating docks varies depending on many design parameters, site locations, ground condition and available infrastructure. The dock anchoring system ranged from connecting the floating docks to concrete blocks sitting at the sea bottom to securing docks to installed piles.

List of projects:

  1. Quennel Lake Floating Dock, Nanaimo, BC

  2. Banfield Floating Dock, Victoria, BC

  3. Wharf Reconstruction, Rivers Inlet, BC

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