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Port of Alaska Modernization Program
Anchorage USA

Marine design, environmental preservation.

Client: Pacific Piles

We worked with Pacific Piles to construct multiple stage confined bubble curtain on both temporary and permanent piles being driven for the loading platform. There were 71 permanent piles and 88 temporary piles driven for this project, which ranged from 120 to 177 feet in length. The bubble curtains were designed and used to protect the local marine life by noise mitigation. Several different size and lengths were designed for various piles at each location. With fluctuations of up to 40 feet in a tide cycle, the multiple stage bubble curtain helped driving the piles at any time. The high-pressure air compressors were used to push air down to 22 meters in the sea forming a curtain of air. The steel-confined bubble curtains were also used as pile guide to ensure the position verticality of the piles. This creative solution enabled the contractor to reduce the cost significantly during the planning.

This project is recognized as Pile Driving Contractors Association (PDCA) Project of the Year 2021 under Marine project grater than $5 million.

Read more on PILEDRIVER issue 4 2021 | volume 18, no. 4, Page: 90 - 94

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