Our Services

MidSea Engineering Ltd. is a group of highly trained and qualified Professional Engineers and Project Managers who are diverse in age, gender, ethnicity and experience.  MidSea has the right team and tools to deliver multidisciplinary projects in the heavy civil and infrastructure industry, where mechanical, civil, structural expertise all work together.

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Water Resources

  • Hydrological studies

  • Dam safety

  • Water intakes and pipelines

  • Hydraulic structures

  • Water systems studies

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Green Energy

  • Complete detailed design from inception to commissioning in hydroelectric power

  • Renewable natural gas EPCM

  • Wind power energy studies and site characterization

  • Solar power energy studies 

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  • Marine industrial 

  • Piping

  • Industrial mechanical

  • Industrial concrete & steel structural

  • BIM modeling

Energy Management & IoT Services

Auditing & Benchmarking

An energy audit is the first step towards energy efficiency. An audit will identify different components of the system and detail potential savings and payback periods.  MidSea has developed tools and resources to help our customer benchmark their systems.  Contact us if you would like to know more.


Analytics & Machine Learning

SCADA, DCS and building management systems generate massive amounts of data that are typically stored in static databases and historians. Midsea has developed tools and processes to transform this static data into invaluable insights that are essential to managing and planning your resources. 

Industrial IoT & Integration

We have partnered with the leading providers of industrial IoT equipment, cloud infrastructure and 4/5G carriers to deliver state of the art industrial IoT solutions. We provide integration services that solve complex problems with quality and security in mind.